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2022 Lokefoil

A new range of modular foils to go into even more detail


The mast is one of the most important piece of your foil, this part transmits all the efforts of your foil to your board, it must therefore be rigid in order to provide you with control in navigation. In addition, it ensures the air-to-water transition, its profile has therefore been rigorously chosen to avoid ventilation and to provide you with maximum glide.


The fuselages will allow you to modify the balance of your foils to make them more powerful, more manageable or more stable.

The fuselages will directly orient the sport or sports you want to promote.


The wings of your foil will allow you to take off and evolve in the air. The choice of your wings will have to be adapted to your sailing style, your sport and the weather conditions.


The choice of your stabilizer will influence your stability and performance.


Why a new range?

Foil sports are constantly diversifying, which is why we have decided to redesign our foil range in order to pool the development of all sports. The 2022 range is a set of modular components that adapt perfectly to your sport and your level of requirement.

Compatibility with my old Lokefoil's foils?

All of the new fenders and stabilizers are compatible with all previous LOKEFOIL generations except the Race 2020 and 2021 range.

The 95 and 70 fuselages are compatible with all LK1 wing versions.

Why stop the one-piece carbon on the race?

Faced with this choice of modularity, we decided to go for removable masts and fuselages to the detriment of the advantages of monobloc. On the most efficient models, we have opted for metal fuselages in order to favor the machining precision of the assemblies and the best compromise between rigidity and hydrodynamics. In fact, carbon fuselages are generally thicker and the composite accepts machining less well, which tends to break the continuity of the fibres.

However, we will offer you removable 95 and 70 freerace carbon fuselages without maintenance for fans of foils who remain mounted between each navigation but who want something removable.

What is LK1?

The one-piece LK1 is back in style and compatible with the whole new range of 2022 wings. It remains the most versatile fuselage mast in the lokefoil range, combining performance and reliability, it is the only one-piece fuselage mast that can be used in multisports.

How do I choose my foil pack(s)?

We have composed a selection of packs adapted to the uses on our foil packs tab, you can also compose your own pack. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by email to describe your needs. 

All our foils are designed, tested and manufactured in our workshops in Saint Malo, France with our RTM manufacturing technology to guarantee you impeccable quality. The aluminum and stainless steel parts are subcontracted to the machinists.