Fanatic 2019 is online !

Hello dear customers,

Here we go, the Fanatic 2019 line up is here. We are stoked....

Whats new for 2019 ?:

1/ New Freerace board: The JAG 2019

It sits between the Falcon and the Blast. Basically, it's a Falcon tuned for open ocean / long-distance rides. Imagine a Formula 1 tuned to be able to go on a open road for a every-day use. On the water, it feels like a Falcon but a bit more quiet, less physical and less technical. Between two marks on a race course, for sure it will not accelerate as strong as a Falcon and it will be less active in the low end. But once launched, it is incredibly fast and the amount of control is huge. You need to push really hard and have a PWA skills level to see a difference on the top speed with a Falcon.... The JAG planes crazy and you don't need to commit a 100% to the board to have access to the performance. Also, it fits all kinds of sails and fins perfectly. 

2/ New Skates 

New shapes for the Skate 99 and 85. Honestly, these two new shapes feel unbelievable..... The 99 Skate is a very versatile board and the best choice if you want to ride with small sails in light wind conditions. With a 5.6 idol on the Skate 99, you’re powered up with 12-13 knots, amazing.....

3/ New Falcons:

Short story, we found the 115 the most notable one to talk about. It's a absolute rocket on flat water with 8.4 and 7.7 Warps..... It's the fastest machine we ever tried between 15 to 20 kts ! Bravo....

The new 106 is really nice because the gap between the 98 and the 114 2018 was pretty big for lake conditions or heavy riders. The 106 is awesome for choppy and gusty powered up conditions with 7.7 and ideal with 7.0.


Hope everybody is having a great time on the water.


Your 2-Rad Team

Viva Windsurfing!