The carbon fin company "GASOIL FINS" hits strong for 2019 !!! (ENG)

For 2019, a brand new range of CHR slalom fins. Each series has been completely redesigned: CHR M, CHR L, CHR X, and a brand new shape, the Mega X. Each fin has been redirected to a more specific program, so that there is always a CHR for all sailing conditions.

We have made significant use of our new CAD and CAD digital tools for product design and development. A large CNC, 3D printers, to remain independent and responsive to the manufacture of our molds and our tools. Also comes as reinforcement a large cutting table for ultra-precise cutting of carbon fibers, glass and other textile materials. All these technologies allow us to be more precise in our definitions and choice of options, while integrating the choices already validated in the past, such as our exclusive No Twist technology.


The CHR range, available in four models incorporating clean qualities, is designed to cover all sailing conditions, in slalom, long distance, or for runs with friends.  A recessed lower beam and sub-standard thickness ratio offer excellent acceleration and glide qualities, excellent control over the open air and steady winds.

On all 2019 models, the tip of the fin has a lower thickness ratio for better glide but also for a more mobile head which allows evacuate overpower.


A fin for consistant winds, for slalom in a formed sea and long distances. The fin is widened at its base, with a concave drop, narrowing down. The center of thrust of the flap rises whence a more stable and softer behavior. The M is a bit fuller on the front of the profile which makes it easier to access at startup. The fans of speed and will appreciate it at its fair value.


The central fin of the slalom range. His right fall makes his outline full, and provides power without being too present. It naturally stabilizes the plate of the float. For the slalom, the competition, the long distance and also good navs in all the times...


Aimed at competition and uncompromising performance. The fin is designed to give maximum power while remaining a racing fin. The convex drop fills the tip of the fin for maximum lift. For the most powerful pilots and also the most experienced.


The idea is to replace the GT9 with a modernized wing, more wind-tolerant and with more glide. This fin is "MEGA" powerfull, aiming unbeatable plaining and up wind ability with incredible replacement... The thickness of the profile increases only slightly at the base, but its tip width is increased. The center of thrust is lower to lift and release the big boards in light wind.