About Us

About us…

2 Rad’s new 2015 online store is even more aggressive on a price point level and getting our existent and new clients more of what they want; great gear, honest advice and the best service for reasonable prices. We will always beat any pricing for any equivalent item. Open year round, we might not always be doing business, but we’re always open.

We have spent the second half of 2014 redesigning and streamlining our online store. Our goal is to give online shoppers as much information concerning their purchases at every level. We’ve redesign the shipping module to be as precise as possible to avoid overcharges. Our new site also detects where you’re from and applies the appropriate currency to avoid misunderstandings. This option is much more important now that American and Canadian currencies are no longer at par. Another big move for us in 2014 was to implement the French language for our local windsurfers. This has been a long time coming, and it’s finally up and running.

During the last few years, we’ve observed the advent of a new type of customer, people who understand that time is as valuable as money. We are no longer to spend 3 hours on the road, in traffic, to go shopping. The simplicity of the Internet has made all of our lives more efficient and allowed us to spend more time practicing our favorite sportsrather than wasting time in our vehicles.

We had a great season last year, and an even better one in the works. 24 years in business shows our undeniable commitment to windsurfing throughout North America.


Our Commitment for 2015 

  • 2 Rad is now extremely competitive on a North American market with our re-designed website!
  • Due to the fluctuating Canadian/US dollar exchange rates, we now have a site that will detect your country and apply appropriate currency.
  • We are committed to getting you the right gear. If you’re not sure of your choices, give us a call.
  • 2 Rad can coordinate drop shipment of your order to your favorite holiday destination or any UPS Store location of your choice within US or Canada.
  • 2 Rad offers Free Shipping on all orders over $199.99 USD.
  • Our pre-season sale is always a big thing. The best deals and availability are always early.
  • 2 Rad continues to advertise all used equipment in stock with pictures on our website. Continuous work is done to try to keep this up as up to date as possible, so check it out regularly.

2 Rad has some of the best product lines on the market today; Fanatic, North Sails, RRD Boards, Sailworks, Dakine, Chinook, Thule, etc... We’re the #1 North American Dealer for Fanatic and North Sails. We also offer the best board repairs and the most service for your investment. Check out our Facebook page for pics and articles on the awesome repairs we’ve done so far.

 All of our friends and customers enjoy better deals shopping at 2 Rad more than anywhere else. You think we should give you a better deal? Call us at 1-888-331-9191 and we will assist you.