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Are you thinking about our trip to Marrocco but have never really heard of Moulay? Is it windy there? Are the waves always big? Perhaps this will help you decide whether Morocco is right for you... 
Moulay is a wave sailing spot, but that doesn't meen you need to be a pro to sail there and have an amazing trip! What makes the conditions there so special is that the area is consistently windy and had many spots that work in different conditions. This ensures that intermediate to advanced sailors can always have a good time. If you can plane upwind and waterstart you can can come on this trip!
To take full advantage of this, all of packages include up to 3 day trips to check out local spots and discover the Morrocan culture. This means that if for example it's mast high and intimidating in front of the center, we can go to Essaouira Bay where it will be much smaller, more organized, and friendly! Whatever the Atlantic throws our way, we have you covered! If you are new to wavesailing or just want to really push your level, Tom will be offering a wave clinic both weeks that's sure to help you get more out of every session.
Not convinced yet? Keep reading for a more in depth discription of the town, the wind, and the wave conditions!
Wind Conditions: 
Moulay is one of those special places that is blessed with a thermal that provides consistently strong sideshore wind from the right almost year round. As with most thermals the wind is light in the morning and cranks up in the afternoon. On average sailors will use 4.0-4.5m sails and often smaller! Yes, it's that windy! At the end of the day the wind backs off and swings more offshore making for some epic side off soul surfing conditions. Essaouira Bay follows a similar pattern but is usually not quite as windy. 
Wave conditions:
   As with pretty much all wave spots, how big the waves are really depends on how much groundswell is in the water.  In front of the center in Moulay, the waves break consistently over a couple of reefs making them relatively organized and easy to read. They have a good shape offering fantastic ramps on the way out and excellent rides on the way. If a very big swell comes in the waves can be mast high or more. However this is not the norm and generally this does not last for longer than a day or two. Most of the time the waves in front are very manageable even for those new to wavesailing. If things get wild, there are a number of spots near by that will offer more user friendly conditions. Essaouira Bay is one of these spots, with waves that are always much smaller /easier than Moulay and has a big sandy beach. The good news is that we are able to move around and choose what kind of conditions we want to sail in so everyone has a good time! 
If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask, our team has spent a lot of time traveling and wavesailing all over the world. We would be happy to tell you how Moulay compares to say Hatteras, Quebec, Lake Champlain or the Great Lakes locally. Or... less locally... PuntaCarlos, the Oregon Coast, Maui, and Pacasmayo to name a few! 
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