Fanatic Falcon TE 2018

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Over the past two years, our Fanatic Falcons have won multiple PWA Events and countless National titles, as well as two Vice World Champion titles and two IFCA World titles. If you want to be a winner, take a ride on a Falcon!

The Fanatic Falcons are zero compromise racing machines with exceptionally fast acceleration. Their insane top speeds are complemented with full control at all times. The impressive early planing characteristics ensure that you’re able to make some serious ground off the start line, and around every mark. Channeling the energy from the board in a straight line delivers full control at top speeds. After intense R&D, we’ve managed to bring a new 98 to the line, which matches the outstanding performance of the 89, used for the medium to high wind races. The premium Biax Carbon sandwich construction further intensifies the overall performance of this range. Why wait to win? Our red rockets are your ticket to success.

  • Highly tuned new Falcon 98 following the lead of the successful Falcon 89
  • Finely tuned fin and mast position for early planing and acceleration
  • Super efficient cutout design for control and top speeds
  • Recessed mastfoot area for maximum control
  • Ergonomic rail design for grip and 100 % power from start to finish
  • Optimised volume flow for balance and easy planing through lulls and gybes
  • Proven rockers delivering top speeds and control
  • Tuned bottom shape with fine adjustments for an overall winning formula
  • Premium Biax Carbon sandwich Light Finish technology for incredible weight and flex response
  • Sizes 129 & 136 approved for Foil use


This top quality and technologically advanced high-spec Biax Carbon, has a perfect weight / stiffness ratio as a result of its very fine weave and dynamic flex. Full Biax Carbon is used on the deck and bottom of the bigger Falcons and Falcon Formula for maximum stiffness and lightest weight possible.

On the smaller 89 – 98 Falcons and on the Falcon Speed boards, it is used solely on the deck for better flex of the board in choppy conditions. When combined with the PVC sandwich technology and Glass reinforcements, the Biax /Carbon provides a balanced stiffness / flex / weight ratio.