Fanatic Grip TE 2019

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The Grip is the ultimate all-rounder. Designed to adapt rather than to compromise. This exact shape propelled Victor Fernandez to a PWA world title. With five fin boxes and a shape designed to excel without bias in both tri-fin and quad configurations, the Grip is a champion in all conditions!

The challenge was to produce a wave board that would be versatile enough to perform in everything from small onshore waves to big side-shore conditions, providing excitement and potential for an advanced rider, yet comfort and support for the less experienced.

It took over two years of constant development but we finally got it nailed and when Victor Fernandez won the world title on this exact shape we knew it was something special.

The Grip comes with five fin boxes for ultimate versatility. Whether, like PWA Fanatic team rider Adam Lewis, you prefer the fast, driving feel of a tri-fin or like Victor Fernandez, you prefer the more planted, controllable and loose feel of a quad, the Grip has been designed to revel in both configurations.

Re-tune each time you get to the beach to maximise conditions, or simply set the fins once to match your preferred style and never touch them again. It’s up to you! Either way, you can be assured that there has never been a more adaptable yet uncompromising wave board than the Grip! 


  • Extremely versatile with multiple fin options and a shape designed to work both as a quad and tri-fin, giving maximum adaptability for preference or conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to adjust slot-box fin system allows further tuning for conditions and preference. Moving the fins back (in either configuration) noticeably increases the speed and drive of the board, whilst moving them forward gives a much looser, more ›surfy‹ feel
  • High top speed and excellent comfort in chop, thanks to the double concave / V bottom shape
  • Flat deck, great for stability in lighter winds
  • The exact shape Victor Fernandez won the PWA World wave title on
  • New Grip XS Edition 60 l, for youths and lighter weight riders
  • Exclusive high-end Biax Innegra Carbon Team Edition (TE) construction


Our unique Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish Technology has proven to be the ultimate construction for our Wave- and Freestyleboards. Last season, Fanatic took the initiative to take the next technical step by introducing this new and exclusive high-end fibre finish into all TE models, meeting the highest demands of our World Cup Team.