Fanatic Strike 2018

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The Strike is a zero compromise flatwater racing hull. Developed for pure function and top speeds, it’s the weapon of choice for both glassy and choppy water racing – the formula needed to win!

Our Strike delivers unlimited speed in flatwater races and the required balance to stay ahead when the going gets rough. Three 14’0” racing hulls in widths of 26”, 24” and our brand new 21.5” speed machine, as well as the 12’6” × 25”, come in our high tech Custom Carbon Sandwich Light Finish technology, including a specially designed RTM Race fin.

  • Brand new 14’0” × 21.5” with deep recess in standing area for low point of gravity and maximum stability
  • Minimum curved scoop rocker line from tail to nose for maximized waterline and clean release
  • Narrow, parallel outlines for highest speeds and efficiency
  • Slightly wider nose and tail for increased stability and even more parallel outline
  • Nose shape for perfect transition from cutting through water to actually lift the board and creates a whole new plane
  • Wide square tail allows for quick kick turning and additional stability
  • Hard release edges from centre to tail for minimal drag
  • Flat V-deck shape in the standing area for quick water drainage
  • Increased volume especially in the tail to keep the board above the water at all times, pulled all the way to the rails for maximum stability
  • Low volume curve in the nose to minimize side wind effects / reduced nose weight
  • CAD analysed precision


Carbon Innegra is a high-end technology with perfectly balanced weight, strength and impact resistant characteristics. Carbon rail sections and a complete Hi-tech Carbon bottom layer deliver an impeccable weight / stiffness ratio. With a fantastic dynamic flex due to its very fine weave, it is used for all Falcon and Strike models.