Flikka Allround Wave Truster (Core Line)

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This boards represent our idea on how a wave board for widest spectrum of conditions should look, sail and feel like We developed these boards primarily for onshore/jumping and bump&jump conditions, but this shape allows radical sideshore riding too. 

Longer outline with rounded pintail combined with biconcave bottom and relatively thin rails these boards are manoeuvrable on the wave face and controllable in choppy and overpowered conditions. The allround wave line is equipped with a tri fin setup - this setup is perfect to fine tune the board perfectly to a wide spectrum of sailing conditions : it can be sailed as a single fin board (ideal for jumping and sailing in flatwater conditions), or as a tri fin for best allround performance and occasional clean ddl conditions. 

All boards in CORE LINE are produced in our high quality custom REGULAR construction with CNC shaped core and hand made laminates with all in - house made delicacies:

  • stainless steel strap inserts (forget about broken inserts)
  • carbon monocoque mastbox and us-box (200g lighter then standard chinook box)
  • carbon-dyneema slot boxes (known as one of the strongest on market, used by many other custom builders)
  • custom produced CNC G10 fins

IMPORTANT NOTE: every Flikka Board is shown at an introductory price for 2019. Some boards will drop ship directly from the manufacturer, and others directly from our shop in Montreal. For this reason, every Flikka board sold will have a North America wide flat rate shipping of $240 CAD added in the cart at checkout.


All our boards and parts are produced and developed (except footpads and straps) in our own factory in Slovenia. We use high quality materials produced in Europe close to our location. We avoid cheap eastern products!

Length: 223cm
Fins: 16cm + 2x 105mm (suggested single fin setup:20cm-order separately)
Weight: 5,7kg * - +-7% 

Length: 225cm 
Width: 58cm
Fins: 18+2x105mm (suggested single fin setup:22cm-order separately)
Weight: 6,1kg * - +-7%

Length: 227cm 
Width: 60cm 
Fins:1x19cm+ 2x105 (suggested single fin setup:24cm-order separately)
Weight: 6,3kg * - +-7%