Flikka Radical Wave Quad (Core Line)

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Descending from our quad custom line there is no need to say that this is a pure blooded wave board- it's our flagship for  good riders and tough conditions.

We slightly tuned our all-round quad  rocker(R#2) to make them super loose in bottom turns and cut backs, but still fast enough for high jumps whereas their narrow, thinned out tail with slight wingers and thin rails make sure you get a lot of grip in bottom turns. Monoconcave with double concaves in the middle part and vee in the back gives you ample control and balance. 

All boards in CORE LINE are produced in our high quality custom REGULAR construction with CNC shaped core and hand made laminates with all in - house made delicacies:

  • stainless steel strap inserts (forget about broken inserts)
  • carbon monocoque mastbox and us-box (200g lighter then standard chinook box)
  • carbon-dyneema slot boxes (known as one of the strongest on market, used by many other custom builders)
  • custom produced CNC G10 fins

IMPORTANT NOTE: every Flikka Board is shown at an introductory price for 2019. Some boards will drop ship directly from the manufacturer, and others directly from our shop in Montreal. For this reason, every Flikka board sold will have a North America wide flat rate shipping of $240 CAD added in the cart at checkout.


All our boards and parts are produced and developed (except footpads and straps)in our own factory in Slovenia. We use high quality materials produced in Europe close to our location. We avoid cheap eastern products!


(kg *)
Flikka fins
80 57,5 224  5,8 kg   2x95 + 2x135
86 59 225  6,1 kg   2x95 + 2x145
92 60 226 6,25 kg 2x105 + 2x145

 * Possible weight tolerances of ± 7%.