Heures d'Ouverture

SUMMER / ETE 2018 Mar 1st – Oct 15th

Monday and Wednesday: 10am to 6pm       

Tuesday and Thursday: 10am to 8pm 

Friday: 10am to 6pm                     

Sunday and Saturday: Closed


Lundi et Mercredi10am a 6pm

Mardi et Jeudi: 10am a 8pm

Vendredi: 10am a 6pm                               

Dimanche et Samedi: Fermer 

WINTER / HIVER 2018 Oct 16th to Feb 28th

Tuesday to Thursday: 11am to 6pm             Mardi a Jeudi: 11am a 6pm

Friday: 11am to 3pm                                     Vendredi: 11am a 3pm

Saturday to Monday: Closed                       Samedi a Lundi: Fermer