Sailworks Flyer FR 2021

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Sailworks Flyer-FR 8.5 Sail

The Flyer-FR is our power foiling sail - it features a unique combination of design, tension and shaping characteristics that are specifically optimized for hydrofoil windsurfing. The design begins with a high aspect ratio, 6-batten, tri-cam layout. The luff curve is very straight keeping the rig tension low, but the narrow sleeve, SDM camber system maintains a precise, articulated draft profile. The leech is tighter with less pre-twist for good pumping response, while the subtle spiral twist still maintains clean aerodynamic release. The 8.5 Flyer-FR sail has a closed top (non-adjustable) mast sleeves and requires a constant-curve, standard diameter 490 mast (SDM 490). The Flyer-FR 8.5 sail is optimized for the Joystick (75% Carbon) and Lightstick (100% Carbon) masts.

Sailworks Flyer FR 8.5 2021

  • Luff Length: 530 cm
  • Boom Length: 220 cm
  • Mast Requirement: SDM 490 cm

Sailworks Flyer FR 10.0 2021

  • Luff Length: 562 cm
  • Boom Length: 237 cm
  • Mast Requirement: SDM 520 cm