Sailworks Retro 2021

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Sailworks Retro Camless Freeride Sail

Since 1998, the Retro has been delivering the ultimate freeride windsurfing experience.

Now, the lightest generation of the Retro gets even better. With ample use of XDL² sail cloth the Retro feels even lighter in your hand leading to effortless jibes and sail flips, easy speed, and non-stop fun. The no-cam Retro is significantly tougher where it counts, translating to durability and longevity of your favorite sail. Easy rigging and practical features mean you focus on time on the water. Paired with the previous year's shaping refinements, this latest model is the crème-de-la-crème of the legendary Retro freeride experience.

Retro. Ultimate freeride.