Tectonics Weed Demon

USD $175
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Fin Box Type required
Fin Size required

Fin boxes available: US base, power base, tuttle, deep tuttle

Power/tuttle boxes have 6mm threads. 1/4" threads available on request

Add $10 for deep tuttle base available only in sizes 38 and 41cm 

By far the best Weed Fin in the World. Faster, Smoother, Planes sooner, Holds speed through the jibe and points higher. 

Everyone who has tried this fin cant believe how much fun it is and buys it.  

Designed by a Nasa rocket scientist and a Master, mechanical engineer, the Weed Demon is the result of extensive computational fluid dynamic modeling combined with real world testing on several continents which has produced the most efficient, fast, smooth and fun to ride weed fin available.


Don't take our word for it.. here is what our customers say...

WEED DEMON fin/sail sizing chart  

41 cm                                     8.5 +


38 cm                                     8.0-9.5


35 cm                                     7.8-8.5


33 cm                                     6.0-7.8


31 cm                                     5.5-7.0


29 cm                                     5.0-6.5


27 cm                                     4.5-6.0


25 cm                                     4.2-5.3


23 cm                                     3.7-4.7


21 cm                                     3.2-4.5





"I was totally amazed not only with the all out board speed increase but the ability of this fin to drive me upwind compared to any other weed fin I had ever used. I came back in and said to Keith, "Is this really a weed fin?" It felt like sailing with a quality pointer race like fin which also turned like a wave fin! After sailing with it the rest of the day I was so impressed that I immediately ordered several for myself. " follow up report... "Had a great session at the Hole yesterday test riding my 27 cm Weed Demon on my Tabou Pocket Wave with a 5.0. I know I had that board going faster than I ever had before and going upwind was so easy.




"I got to try out your weed fin the other day. I have to say it goes dang good. Felt very efficient, fast, and great hold. Didn't feel like a weed fin at all." CT




"Got to sail the 27 cm fin today. Loved it, worked very well with a 3S 96 and a 7.0 m Matrix sail. " PR




"On the smallest board, I was having a ball with my brand-new Weed Demon  - the best weed fin I ever sailed. I could not get that baby to spin out" PR




"Your fins are arrived this morning en zelf have do the test tis afternoon PERFECT !! GOOD JOB !! I have sail 7.8 end 120 board 35 Weed PERFECT !! en the 33 whit 7.0 Perfect! Zo now i kan make noise !!" Euro Customer:-)